Coupon for good

Make a difference by donating your extras — here’s how

Support the Troops!

The military needs YOUR help! Supply soldiers with everything from cell phones to coupons.


When men and women go into the military, they don’t have access to everyday items. And when the troops return home, life isn’t always easy for them or their families. Help lessen soldiers’ burdens by donating to one of the organizations below. 

The Vietnam Veterans of America accepts almost any type of item, but it especially needs clothes. Garments are sold privately to thrift shops and proceeds benefit Vietnam veterans and their families.

One of ALL YOU’s favorite bloggers, Money Saving Queen, “adopted” an overseas Navy base more than three years ago so you can donate your old coupons to the base. Overseas military bases can use coupons up to six months past their expiration – yet another reason to cut coupons!

Unlimited calling and texting are common commodities, but for U.S. soldiers the opportunity to talk to their friends and family is precious. Cell Phones for Soldiers sells used cell phones to a company that recycles them and the money from that is used to purchase calling cards for soldiers. And if you pay for postage, the organization can put more money toward calling cards.

Help boost deployed American soldiers’ morale by sending items including boxers and socks through the organization Packages From Home.

Soldiers’ Angels created First Response Backpacks, which provide comfortable clothing, travel-sized toiletries and accessories, an international calling card and a handmade blanket to returning soldiers. Want to help? Donate items for a backpack and/or make a “blanket of hope.”

If you have an unwanted or used vehicle, motor home or boat, donate it through Vans for Vets, an organization that helps disabled or homeless veterans and their families.

The Yellow Ribbon Coalition is comprised of nonprofits that share a common interest in supporting service members, survivors, veterans and their families. Donate used and old vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, jet skis, farm equipment and construction equipment—your donations will be auctioned off and proceeds will go to partner organizations.

Special Kindness In Packages, Inc. ships personalized care packages and correspondence to deployed U.S. soldiers, and offers support to military personnel and their families before, during and after deployment. They even have "Fun in a Box" care packages, which could include yo-yos and DVDs, but they also send more traditional items. Either way, you will be supporting the troops by giving items they need and want!

Operation Gratitude, an organization that urges civilians to show their appreciation to the troops in a more personal way, encourages you to share your creativity with the troops. Knit or crochet scarves, write a letter and/or have you and your kids make a handmade greeting card. Check out these other donation ideas.