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Food Emporium Coupon Policy

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Food Emporium Store Coupons

Using store coupons can save you big! But every major grocery store has different policies about coupons. So what is the coupon policy at Food Emporium?  See some of the highlights below. And go here for Food Emporium’s complete coupon policy.

Manufacturer Coupons Policy

  • Only one (1) manufacturer coupon may be applied to an individual item.
  • Only four (4) like manufacturer coupons are allowed per transaction.

Double Coupons Policy

  • A total of two (2) like coupons will be doubled, unless otherwise stated on the coupon “Do Not Double/Triple/Multiply or Redeemable at Face Value Only” or words of similar meaning.

 Competitor Coupons Policy

  • Food Emporium does not accept competitors’ coupons of any kind.

Stacking Coupons Policy

  • One (1) manufacturer coupon and one (1) store coupon can be redeemed on a single item, but the total redemption cannot exceed the retail value of the item.

Internet Coupons Policy

  • Only two (2) like Internet coupons are allowed per transaction.
  • Coupons for FREE Items are NOT accepted unless the purchase of an additional item is required (i.e. Buy one get one free).
  • Coupons with a value of $5.00 or more will NOT be accepted.
  • Online clip-less coupons which are loaded to the Club Card do not double or triple.
  • Proctor and Gamble Internet coupons are not accepted.

Returns Policy

  • Any customer requesting a refund/store credit for an item purchased with a coupon will be issued the purchase price after the deduction of the coupon. The full price of the item will not be refunded nor will the coupon be returned.