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Lowes Coupon Policy

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Lowes Store Coupons

Using store coupons can save you big! But every major grocery store has different policies about coupons. So what is the coupon policy at Lowes?  See some of the highlights below. And to see the complete coupon policy for Lowes Foods, go to their site.


Manufacturer Coupons Policy

• Lowes Foods welcomes legitimate manufacturer coupons that match the item purchased and have not expired.

• To ensure product availability for all customers, Lowes Foods limits redemption to four (4) coupons for four (4) like items. For example, if you have five coupons for a specific cereal and have purchased five of the item, Lowes Foods will honor the coupon for up to four of the boxes of cereal.

• Coupon value cannot exceed our retail price of the item; no cash back will be awarded.


Store Coupons Policy

• In order to redeem store coupons, a Lowes Foods rewards card must be used.


Double Coupons Policy

• Lowes Foods will double up to 20 manufacturer coupons with a face value of $0.99 or less every day.

• Manufacturer coupons for free items or Buy One, Get One free items will not be doubled.

• A doubled coupon will not be honored if the doubled amount exceeds the retail or sale price of the coupon item. No cash back will be awarded.


Stacking Coupons Policy

• Lowes Foods has one of the most liberal stacking policies around. Shoppers can use a manufacturer paper coupon, a store coupon and an Internet coupon all on the same item.


Competitor Coupons Policy

• Lowes Foods will accept local supermarket or supercenter competitor’s circular coupons or direct mail coupons for dollars off the entire order. (examples include Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Bi-Lo, Kroger, Super Target, Super K-Mart, Wal-mart)

• Lowes Foods will accept Catalina Checkout Manufacturer coupons from competitors as long as they are in date, all purchase requirements are met and they scan.

• Lowes Foods will not accept any competitor coupons for specific items. For example, the store will not accept a competitor’s coupon for $1.00 off of an individual item.

• No Internet coupons from any other retailers.

• No competitor coupons from drug stores or club stores.


Internet Coupons Policy

• Lowes Foods will only accept printable Internet coupons if they scan at checkout.

• No Internet-generated FREE Product coupons will be accepted.

• Lowes Foods will accept Buy One Get One free offers that have a purchase requirement.

• With the purchase of two (2) like manufacturer’s products, Lowes Foods accepts two (2) Internet coupons per day.

• Internet coupons must have an expiration date, unique serial numbers and follow industry-standard format.