Osco drugstores Coupon Policy

Want to know what store coupons you can cash in on at Osco drugstores? Get the lowdown on their coupon policy below. 

Osco drugstores have been incorporated into the supermarkets Jewel and Albertsons and are subject to the coupon limits and acceptance policies of those stores. Below is the current policy for Jewel-Osco. Please be advised that the policies vary from store to store and may change at any time.


Manufacturer Coupons Policy

• Jewel-Osco accepts coupons issued by manufacturers containing the words “terms of agreement,” “face value,” “expiration date,” and “manufacturer coupon.”

• The store does not accept expired Manufacturer Coupons or coupons that have had the expiration date cut off.

• Jewel-Osco also issues coupons such as printed ad media coupons that are manufacturer coupons and contain the words “redeemable only at their retailer This type of coupon is redeemable at Jewel-Osco as long as the coupons states “Manufacturer Coupon”.


Store Coupons Policy

• Jewel-Osco store coupons can be obtained from various sources including newspapers, direct mailers and on the company Website.

• These coupons may contain the words: “Redeemable only at Jewel-Osco” and “Discount applies only with Preferred Card.”


Stacking Coupons Policy

• One (1) store and one (1) manufacturer coupon per item may be redeemed.


Double Coupons Policy

• It is Jewel-Osco’s policy not to double coupons.


Competitor Coupons Poliy

• Jewel-Osco will redeem the following two (2) types of competitor coupons:

1). Competitor ‘Own Brand’ merchandise coupons on merchandise that is the exact size and type as Jewel-Osco ‘Own Brand merchandise.’ (For example, a $.50 coupon for Dominick’s brand 16oz loaf of Whole Wheat bread may be redeemed when a 16oz loaf of Jewel Whole Wheat bread is purchased.) If the exact size and type can NOT be matched, the Competitor “Own Brand” merchandise coupon may not be redeemed.

2). Competitor Minimum Purchase Coupon (For example, a Dominick’s $5.00 off a minimum purchase of $50.00).

• Competitor coupons cannot be doubled or used with a Jewel-Osco store coupon.


Internet Coupons Policy

• Coupons printed from a website are redeemable with a qualifying purchase.

• Jewel-Osco does not accept Internet coupons that have a redemption value exceeding $5 or for products that don’t require a purchase.


Catalina Coupons Policy

• Catalina Checkout Coupons/Rebates are triggered by individual items purchased at checkout, which print on the Catalina printer.

• It is Jewel-Osco’s policy that Catalina coupons are intended for use on a future purchase.