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A State-By-State Guide to Donations

Find a charitable organization in your area with this regional guide.


An Abuse, Rape, and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection (A.A.R.D.V.A.R.C.)

Directory of resources, including shelters

Feeding America

Leading domestic hunger-relief charity; provides listing of food banks by state

My Stuff

Provides bags for abandoned or abused kids going into foster homes or shelters

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Choose state, select “I want to find homeless resources,” and find local listings of shelters and pantries

Interfaith Hospitality Network

Partnership of congregations that help the homeless; operating in 41 states

American Red Cross

Locate local Red Cross center

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans  

Locate community centers

National Coalition for the Homeless

Includes directory of homeless organizations, centers etc.

Domestic Violence Agencies

Agencies by state


Links people in need with food resources and grassroots organizations.


Covenant House

Largest privately-funded agency in the Americas that provides food, shelter ands services to homeless or runaway kids

SERVES: Alaska, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington DC

NEEDS: Toiletries, paper products

Northwest Children’s Outreach

Collect resources for children and distribute to local providers

SERVES: Oregon, Washington

NEEDS: Toiletries

Tri-State Food Bank

SERVES: Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky (agency roster lists food banks across these states)

Bay Area Food Bank

SERVES: Alabama, Florida, Mississippi (but small drop off locations all listed in Alabama)

Mid-South Food Bank

SERVES: North Mississippi, West Tennessee and East Arkansas (ongoing food drives all listed in Tennessee)

Capital Area Food Bank

SERVES: Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia

Food Bank of the Rockies

SERVES: Colorado, Wyoming

Crossroads House

Largest emergency and transitional shelter in New Hampshire

SERVES: Eastern New Hampshire and southern Maine

NEEDS: Toiletries, cleaning products, food

State Listing

The first listing for every state is either the state food bank, a large in-state regional food bank, or a directory of smaller in-state food banks. The vast majority of these can also be found through the Feeding America link above. For the state food bank, individuals can either donate directly or call/search the website to find out local pantry locations or local food drives.


Alabama Food Bank Association

The Community Kitchens of Birmingham

Provides food for the hungry, homeless and poor


Food Bank of Alaska

Alaska Youth and Parent Foundation

Teen peer educators providing outreach in Anchorage

NEEDS: Toiletries, packaged snacks and drinks

St. Francis House

Largest client-choice food pantry in Alaska


Association of Arizona Food Banks

Catholic Charities Community Services

Provides shelter and services to homeless families

NEEDS: Food, toiletries, cleaning supplies

Phoenix Rescue Mission

Organization that helps Phoenix’s homeless population

NEEDS: Food, toiletries


Arkansas Foodbank

Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter

Provides food and shelter to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault

NEEDS: Food, toiletries


California Association of Food Banks

Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

Lists current food drives in LA region

Shelter Network

Helps the homeless on the San Francisco peninsula become self-sufficient

NEEDS: Toiletries, paper products, cleaning supplies


Care and Share

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

Operates a variety of services for homeless people

NEEDS: Toiletries

Urban Peak

Provides services and shelter for homeless and runaway youths in Denver and Colorado Springs

NEEDS: Cleaning supplies, food, toiletries


Connecticut Food Bank

St. Luke’s LifeWorks

One of the largest provider of services to Connecticut’s homeless population

NEEDS: Toiletries, food, school supplies

Shelter for the Homeless

Stamford homeless shelter

NEEDS: Food, toiletries


Food Bank of Delaware

The Shepherd Place

Provides relief and shelter to the homeless and those in distress in Dover, Delaware

NEEDS: Food, toiletries

Sussex Community Crisis Housing Services

Provides shelter and services to the homeless

NEEDS: Toiletries, cleaning supplies, food, paper products, school supplies


Florida Association of Food Banks

Raising Hope

Helps meet the needs of foster children in Pinellas County

NEEDS: Toiletries, school supplies

Community Connections

Fights homelessness and poverty in Jacksonville

NEEDS: Toiletries, cleaning supplies, paper products


The Georgia Food Bank Association

Atlanta Day Shelter for Women & Children, Inc.

Provides services for women and children

NEEDS: Toiletries, cleaning products, school supplies


Hawaii Foodbank

Hawaii’s Homeless Shelter- Institute for Human Services

NEEDS: Food, cleaning supplies, toiletries


Idaho Foodbank

Bonner Country Homeless Task Force

Resources for the homeless and victims of domestic abuse

Corpus Christi House

Provides service and shelters to the homeless in Boise

NEEDS: Food, toiletries


Feeding Illinois

Interfaith House

Homeless shelter in Chicago

NEEDS: Toiletries


Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana

New Hope Family Shelter

Provides temporary shelter for the homeless in Bloomington and Monroe Country

NEEDS: Cleaning products, toiletries, food, paper products


Food Bank of Iowa


Provides humanitarian aid to homeless people in Des Moines

NEEDS: Toiletries, food

Youth and Shelter Services Inc.

Provides treatment and services for youths and families across Iowa

NEEDS: See site-specific wish lists, but includes food, toiletries etc.


Kansas Food Bank

Lawrence Community Shelter

Emergency homeless shelter for Lawrence and Douglas County

NEEDS: Toiletries, cleaning supplies, food


Dare to Care Food Bank

Bellewood Home for Children

Provides services to abused, neglected and homeless youths and families across Kentucky (has administrations in five cities)

NEEDS: Toiletries


The Food Bank of Central Louisiana

Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse of Northwest Louisiana

Runs 15 programs to help those suffering from addiction

NEEDS: Toiletries


Good Shepherd Food-Bank

Maine Department of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Resources

Listing of food banks in local areas


Maryland Food Bank

Annapolis Light House

Homeless prevention support center

NEEDS: Food, toiletries


The Greater Boston Food Bank

St. Francis House

Homeless shelter in Boston

NEEDS: Food, toiletries

Rosie’s Place

Provides shelter and services to homeless women

NEEDS: Food, toiletries


Food Bank Council of Michigan

Shelter Association of Washtenaw Country

Homeless shelter

NEEDS: Toiletries, cleaning supplies, paper products


Second Harvest Heartland

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota

Helps vulnerable people across the state

NEEDS: Depends on center, may include paper products, cleaning products, toiletries

The Beehive Twins

Listing of emergency shelters for young people in Minneapolis


Mississippi Food Network

Southwest Mississippi Christian Outreach Ministries

Serves the needy in four counties



The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri

City Union Mission

Kansas City homeless shelter

NEEDS: Food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, paper products

Sunshine Ministries

St. Louis homeless shelter

NEEDS: Food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, paper products


Montana Food Bank Network

Poverello Center

Largest homeless shelter in Montana


Food Bank for the Heartland

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Omaha

Provides services through 11 programs aimed at helping the elderly, the homeless, children, immigrants etc.

NEEDS: Toiletries, cleaning products


Three Square Food Bank

The Shade Tree

Shelter for abused women and children in Las Vegas; largest shelter of its kind in state

NEEDS: Toiletries, cleaning supplies, food

Las Vegas Women’s Shelters

List of women’s shelters in Las Vegas

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Food Bank

Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter, Inc.

Provides shelter, services, food to those in need

NEEDS: Food and supplies

New Horizons for New Hampshire

Shelter, soup kitchen, and food pantry, located in Manchester

NEEDS: Food, toiletries

New Jersey

Community Food Bank of New Jersey

Food Banks of New Jersey

Atlantic City Rescue Mission

Christian organization that helps the poor and hungry in Southern New Jersey

NEEDS: Food, toiletries, paper products

New Mexico

Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico

Joy Junction

New Mexico’s largest emergency shelter, located in Albuquerque

NEEDS: Food, hygiene products

Youth Shelters

Youth shelters in Santa Fe

NEEDS: School supplies, food, toiletries, cleaning supplies

New York

Food Bank for New York City


Food bank in upstate New York

Equinox Community Services Agency

Provides services to homeless, victim of domestic violence, youth etc.

NEEDS: Food, toiletries

North Carolina

Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina

With Friends, Inc. Youth Shelter Services

Serves homeless and at-risk youth in seven counties

NEEDS: Depends on center: both toiletries and certain food products

North Dakota

Great Plains Food Bank—Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota

City of Fargo

Homeless shelters in Fargo


Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks

The City Mission

Provides food, shelter and support to Cleveland’s needy

NEEDS: Toiletries, school supplies

Lighthouse Youth Services Professional Services

Provides social services to children and families in southwest Ohio

NEEDS: Food, toiletries


Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Tulsa Resources

Shelters/transitional living centers in Tulsa


Oregon Food Bank

Outside In

Help homeless youth and other needy individuals with health matters

NEEDS: Toiletries, school supplies

The Helping Hand of Oregon

Provides services and programs for disadvantaged and homeless people

NEEDS: Food, pet food


Westmoreland County Food Bank

Allentown Rescue Mission

Helps rescue and rehabilitate homeless and addicted people

NEEDS: Toiletries, food, cleaning products, paper products

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Community Food Bank

Crossroads Rhode Island

Provides shelter and services to the needy

NEEDS: Food, toiletries

South Carolina

Golden Harvest Food Bank

Crisis Ministries

Largest provider of services to the homeless in South Carolina (operates in Charleston)

NEEDS: Food, cleaning supplies


Provides services for battered women and their children in five counties

NEEDS: Toiletries, food, cleaning supplies, school supplies

South Dakota

Feeding South Dakota

NEEDS: Food, personal care items

Children’s Inn

Provides services for victims of abuse in Sioux Falls

NEEDS: Food, toiletries


Chattanooga Area Food Bank

Safe Haven

Provides shelter and services for mid-Tennessee families

NEEDS: Toiletries

Safe Space of East Tennessee

Provides services for more than 4000 victims of domestic violence annually in three counties

NEEDS: Toiletries, cleaning products, paper products, school supplies


Texas Food Bank Network

Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston

Works with different religious groups to promote community. Specific initiatives include support for refugees and meals on wheels for elderly.

NEEDS: Food, cleaning supplies, toiletries


Utah Food Bank

Crossroads Urban Center

Assists low income, disabled and minority Utahns in Salt Lake City



Vermont Foodbank

Rutland County Women’s Network and Shelter

Provides services and shelters for victims of sexual and domestic violence

NEEDS: Toiletries, food, school supplies


Federation of Virginia Food Banks

Fredericksburg Area Food Bank

Shelter House

Serves homeless families in Fairfax County

NEEDS: Depends on center; includes cleaning supplies, toiletries, paper products, food


Northwest Harvest

Washington State Coalition for the Homeless

Links to resources in different areas of Washington


Works with homeless youth over six locations in the greater Seattle area

NEEDS: Food, school supplies, toiletries

Washington D.C.

N Street Village

Center for women facing homelessness, mental illness, chronic disease, addiction, poverty etc.

NEEDS: Toiletries, cleaning supplies, notebooks, food

West Virginia

Mountaineer Food Bank

West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources

Homeless shelters in West Virginia


Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin

Milwaukee Women’s Center

Provides services and treatment for those individuals affected by domestic violence, poverty, substance abuse, or mental health issues

NEEDS: Toiletries

Northwood Homeless Shelters

Serves Polk County and Northwest Wisconsin

NEEDS: Food, paper products, cleaning supplies, toiletries


Wyoming Coalition for the Homeless

Advocacy for the homeless in Cheyenne

NEEDS: Toiletries, food, cleaning products

Services Available for the Homeless in Wyoming