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Rite Aid Coupon Policy

Save big with coupons at Rite Aid!

Rite Aid Coupons

Using store coupons can save you big! But every major drugstore has different policies about coupons. So what is the coupon policy at Rite Aid?  See some of the highlights below. For the complete Rite Aid coupon policy, check out their site.


Rite Aid Manufacturer Coupons Policy

• Rite Aid Manufacturer coupons generally appear in the weekly circular, on the Rite Aid website and are sent to customers via email.  These coupons are labeled “manufacturer coupon” and have a UPC that begins with “49.”


Other Manufacturer Coupons Policy

• Rite Aid accepts manufacturer coupons that are found in newspapers, magazines and affixed to products.  The UPC on these coupons begins with a “5.”


Rite Aid Valuable Coupons Policy

• Rite Aid store coupons are labeled “Valuable Coupon” and have a UPC that begins with “48.”


Double Coupons Policy

• Rite Aid does not double coupons.


Stacking Coupons Policy

• Rite Aid will accept up to three (3) coupons on one item: one (1) Manufacturer Coupon, a Rite Aid coupon coded RC49 and Rite Aid coupon coded RC48.

• Rite Aid may accept up to four (4) like coupons for the same number of qualifying items as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers within the store manager’s discretion.

• Rite Aid does not offer overage. In the event that any item’s selling price is less than the value of the coupon, Rite Aid will accept the coupon in exchange for the selling price of the item.


Internet Coupons Policy

• Rite Aid will accept internet / print at home coupons up to the equivalent value of $5.00 off.