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Sav-on Coupon Policy

Cash in your coupons at Albertsons Sav-on!

Sav-on Store Coupons

Using store coupons can save you big! So what is the coupon policy at Albertsons Sav-on?  See some of the highlights below.

Note: Sav-on Drugstores have been incorporated into Albertsons and Acme supermarkets and are subject to the same coupon limits and acceptance policies. Below is the current policy for Albertsons Sav-on. Please be advised that the policies vary from store to store and may change at any time.


General Coupons Policy

• Coupons stating “on next/future purchase or visit” cannot be used in the transaction in which they are generated. Next purchase is defined as a separate transaction.

• The coupon redemption value on ‘Free’ coupons may not exceed the value of the item.


Store Coupons Policy

• Coupons issued by Albertsons Sav-on contain redemption guidelines including, but not limited to: “terms of agreement,” “face value,” “expiration date” and the words “store coupon.”

• Albertsons Sav-on offers store coupons in various forms of media: electronic, newspaper, direct mailers, kiosks and company websites.

• Store coupons may require that the discount apply only with Preferred/Loyalty/Rewards Card use.

• Rain checks for store coupons will be given out as long as the store coupon does not state on it “while supplies last.”


Manufacturer Coupons Policy 

• Coupons issued by manufacturers contain redemption guidelines including, but not limited to: “terms of agreement,” “face value,” “expiration date,” and the words “manufacturer coupon.”

• Coupons that exceed the retail value of an item will be adjusted to provide the maximum value, not exceeding the price of the item.


Stacking Coupons Policy

• Albertsons Sav-on will accept one (1) manufacturer coupon and one (1) store coupon on the same qualifying item.


Double Coupons Policy

• Twice the Value store coupons can only be used in combination with a $1.00 or less

manufacturer coupon (a printed face value of $1.01 or greater cannot be combined with Twice the Value store coupons).

• Albertsons Sav-on does allow manufacturer coupons that state they cannot be doubled to be used in conjunction with a Twice the Value store coupon.


Competitor Coupons Policy

• Albertsons Sav-on does not accept competitor coupons. (Coupons generated by any

competitor with competitor logo are considered competitor coupons.)


Internet Coupons Policy

• Albertsons Sav-on accepts Internet-generated manufacturer coupons as long as they clearly indicate that they are a manufacturer coupon and have a valid manufacturer address printed on them.  The coupons must have a redemption value less than $5, have serial numbers and scan at checkout.

• Albertsons Sav-on will not accept Internet-generated manufacturer coupons that offer a free product without a required purchase.