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Wegmans’ Coupon Policy

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Wegmans Store Coupons

Using store coupons can save you big! But every major grocery store chain has different policies about coupons. So what is the coupon policy at Wegmans?  We bring you some highlights.

Note: Below is the latest policy for the Wegmans’ stores in Virginia and Maryland. To see the policies in other states and for updates, go to Wegman's site.


Double Coupons Policy

• Wegmans doubles manufacturers' coupons with a face value of $.99 or less with the following exceptions and limitations:

• Coupons with a face value of $1.00 or greater will be redeemed at face value.

• One manufacturers' coupon per item for a specific brand product.

• Only four (4) manufacturers' coupons can be doubled on four (4) of the same brand product per day. Additional coupons for the same brand product will be redeemed at face value.

• The double or face value of a coupon may NOT exceed the retail price.


Stacking Coupons Policy

• One (1) manufacturers' coupon and one (1) Shoppers Club discount or store coupon may be redeemed on the same item.  The combination of a manufacturers' coupon and a Shoppers Club discount/store coupon may not exceed the retail price.


Rainchecks Policy

• Wegmans does not give out rainchecks for manufacturers' coupons.

• Wegmans does not accept manufacturers' coupons for free products downloaded from the Internet.