How I Made Exercise a Daily Habit and Lost 150 Pounds

Danyeil "Dani" Durrant, 41, of Sebastian, Fla., lost one hundred pounds in one year by working out on a treadmill every single day. Here are her weight loss tips.

Dani Durrant Lost 150 Pounds by Exercising Every Day

Once upon a time, Dani’s diet consisted mostly of fast food, pasta and snacks. “I’d eat candy and chips all night in front of the TV,” she says. All of which packed on the
pounds—at one point she weighed a whopping 363.

Then in August 2012, her doctor told her she was at risk of having a heart attack. “That scared me,” she says.

She signed up for Weight Watchers and—to rev her metabolism—joined a gym. “At first,” she recalls, “I could do only five minutes on the treadmill. My stomach was so big that I couldn’t bend over to clip my feet into the straps of the rower.”

She refused to be discouraged, however. Eventually, she was up to an hour of cardio a day, six or seven days per week. “I lost my 100th pound on my one-year anniversary of joining Weight Watchers,” she says. When she slacked off a bit last year, she resolved to work out every day and even went straight to the gym after a bout of bronchitis—which she does not recommend. She wound up losing 40 pounds and says, “I’ve completely recommitted to my goals!”