Drop Pounds Fast: Accelerated Walking Workout and Diet Plan

Need to slim down fast? Lose one pound a week by doing an intense walking workout and making small changes to your eating habits.

Woman doing speed burst in Intense Walking Workout

If you need to shape up for a special event that's a month or two away, exercise alone is probably not enough. You'll need to watch what you eat as well. Follow this two-step plan and you'll walk off 300 calories per workout and easily cut calories from your diet. You can expect to lose one pound a week.

STEP 1: Commit to a Weekly Walking Workout Plan

  • Three days a week, walk at a steady pace for 60 minutes.
  • Three days a week, walk for 45 minutes and do speed bursts: Go as fast as you can (your effort should feel like 8 out of 10) for two minutes, then go at a moderate pace for four minutes. Try to do six speed bursts.
  • To avoid injury, it's best if you already walk regularly. If you're a beginner, you should start with a walking plan that starts off slow and builds up to 60-minute intervals.

STEP 2: Cut 200 Calories Per Day from Your Diet

Here are a few ways to get there:

  • Eat two Hershey's Kisses instead of a regular chocolate bar: 180 calories saved
  • Drink a can of diet soda instead of regular: 130 calories saved
  • Use one less tablespoon of butter on bread (or oil while cooking or in your salad dressing): 100 calories saved
  • Have a glass of fat-free milk instead of whole milk: 60 calories saved
  • Enjoy a half cup of light vanilla ice cream instead of rich, premium ice cream: 140 calories saved