How I Made a Bet on Myself, and Lost 145 Pounds

Sara Lugger, 36 from Oxford, Mich., got motivated to lose 145 pounds by using a weight loss app. Could it work for you, too?

Sara Lugger

"For as long as I could remember, I'd always been overweight," Sara says. "I used to eat a couple of bowls of cereal for breakfast, half a pizza for lunch and fast food for dinner. When I was tired in the evenings, I'd eat to stay awake." She hit 342 pounds in March 2013 and realized she needed to do something.

She tried multiple diets, but none worked. Then one of her college friends told Sara that she'd lost weight using the website DietBet—now a free app—that turns weight loss into a betting game played with other competitors for money. "I didn't want to be the fat friend. I didn't want to be left behind," Sara says. "I wanted to live my life without worrying every day about my weight."

She joined her first game in March 2013. She spent $5 and got $10 back when she met her weight-loss goals. "The camaraderie with the other people in my group was really inspiring," she says. "As I became more confident, I played more. I enjoyed the financial incentive, and I discovered that I could be quite competitive!" Since she joined DietBet, Sara has won more than $350 and lost a lot of weight, too. "I finally found something that works for me," she says. "I still join a game if I gain weight. It helps me get through the tougher times."