Reality-checked diet fitness plans 

Losing pounds and maintaining a healty weight for life begins with making gradual lifestyle changes you can stick with forever.

woman on exercise bike

The ALL YOU 12 Week Reality-Checked Diet gives you detailed week-by-week instructions to gradually change your current habits into healthier ones. You will lose weight (about 1 pound per week) without feeling deprived or overwhelmed.

Over the next three months, try these specific take-action tips to help you become a healthier you. So, jump right in and start this 12-week program!

Week 1: Track Your Eating and Exercise Habits

Week 2: Start Your Day a Healthy Way - Breakfast Menu Plans

Week 3:  Eat for Energy - Lunch Menu Plans

Week 4: End Your Night Right - Dinner Menu Plans

Week 5: Between Lunch & Dinner - Snack Menu Plans

Week 6: Lose Liquid Calories

Week 7: Tame Junk Food Cravings

Week 8: Take Control of Your Portions

Week 9: Focus on Fruits and Veggies

Week 10: Try Two 20-Minute Workouts

Week 11: More Is Better - Exercise Plans

Week 12: Pump Up Your Workout