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Make time for exercise: Week 10

Burn extra calories by adding two 20 minute workouts (40 minutes extra exercise).

Woman on excercise bike

Managing calorie intake is only half the weight loss equation -- the other half is managing to burn calories. The goal for this week is to burn extra calories by adding two 20 minute workouts (40 minutes extra exercise this week).  Note: If you already exercise more than this, add two extra 20 minute workouts per week to your current routine.

Barriers to exercise usually include "not having enough time" or "being too tired" to exercise. When exercise is broken into small chunks (like 10- or 20-minute segments) it is much easier to fit into a busy schedule. It's also much more realistic than trying to maintain exercise every day for an hour or more.

In addition to these two 20 minute workouts, it is important to maintain an active lifestyle. Keep active throughout the day by doing things such as parking farther away when going to the store, taking the stairs when possible and limiting TV time for you and your family by finding other active things to do such as playing catch or washing the car.

Ideas for 20 minute exercise sessions (pick two per week):


  • Two segments of 10-Minute Solution Fat Blasting Dance Mix DVD (provided by ALL YOU)
  • Walk after lunch
  • Bike ride on the weekend
  • Dancing in the living room (blast your favorite music and get moving)
  • Jump rope (feel like a kid again)
  • Walk after dinner with the family/kids (good for the whole family)
  • Walk on the weekend with a neighbor, friend or family member
  • Walk with your dog (or offer to walk someone else's dog!)
  • Exercise on the elliptical machine (if you are not a member of a gym, ask a local gym for a week free trial coupon)
  • Follow your favorite exercise video (you don't necessarily have to complete the whole video -- just 20 minutes is fine this week)
  • An exercise TV program (check you local PBS or FitTV listings)
  • DIY exercise while watching your favorite television program (try things such as marching and jogging in place and alternate with jumping jacks)