Healthy ways to lose weight

Kick-start your weight loss with affordable, healthy recipes, free workouts and lots of tips to keep you on track!

Boost your metabolic rate

Strength training is another important piece of our diet.

woman doing curls

Strength-training exercise boosts your metabolic rate (the number of calories you burn each day) by increasing muscle mass. Muscles are active tissues and burn calories throughout the day, even while you're sleeping. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. Improper form while doing strength-training exercises can lead to injury.


The past 12 weeks have incorporated one small change at a time. If you have followed along with the complete 12-week program, below is a summary of all the changes you have made. Refer back to this summary often -- print it out and keep it handy. Look through this summary list every week and pick an area to brush up on.

Weight loss and maintenance need constant attention and fine-tuning. You have acquired 12 weeks worth of skills that can take you to a healthy body weight. Continue to practice these skills and you will be amazed at your life-long results! Congratulations and good luck!


  • Track your eating and exercise habits
  • Start your day a healthy way
  • Eat for energy at lunchtime
  • End your night right
  • Snack smart
  • Lose liquid calories
  • Tame junk food cravings
  • Take control of your portions
  • Focus on fruits and veggies
  • 2/20 workout goal
  • Exercise -- more is better
  • Pump up your workout