6 Weight Loss Strategies That Work

Smart, doable weight loss strategies from 6 real women who each lost over 100 pounds—trust us, they know what works!

How to lose weight

1. Pace yourself. "I take this journey week to week. I focus on how much progress I can make in seven days. Then I work on my goal and restart the next week. The time flies by doing it this way, and in exactly one year I lost 100 pounds." —Dani Durrant

2. Have a restaurant game plan. "I haven't stopped going to restaurants, but now when I do, I share an appetizer. And I always ask the server to box up half my dinner before she brings my meal. It's more than enough, and I have another meal for the next day." —Dawn Stammers

3. Get creative with healthy snacks. "I love nonfat plain Greek yogurt with chocolate protein powder mixed in. It's chocolate pudding to me. And I find that protein-filled snacks help me stay full." —Catherine Anderson

4. Mix up your workouts"I work out on an elliptical for a half hour to 45 minutes in the morning. At lunch, I walk on a treadmill—which is easy for me because I work at a physical therapy office. When I get home I do Just Dance on the Wii. I'm very active all day long, and that has really helped me lose the weight." —Sara Lugger

5. Eat what you want—just tweak it. "Focus on what you can eat, not what you can't. For example, I still enjoy frozen pizza but, instead of eating the whole thing, I have two slices of thin-crust with chicken and veggie toppings." —Lisa Gonzales Smith

6. Make fitness nonnegotiable. "Even when you don't want to exercise, make yourself do it. Once you're at the gym or on that walk, chances are you'll be glad you decided to do it." —Malarie Burgess