Reality Checked Diet: Week 8 Mid-Week Motivator

Where you eat may trigger overeating; try to avoid these "portion distortion" hot spots.

Zero in on these portion distortion hot spots to make sure you’re keeping on track while sizing up what you eat:

In front of the TV: People ate about 40 percent more chips while watching late night television than when they watched no TV, according to a study conducted by the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago.

Out to a nice dinner: Restaurant servings are notoriously big, but it’s shocking to find out by how much. A pasta dinner at your favorite Italian restaurant might add up to six or more servings of carbs, while a 12-ounce steak is about four times the amount of meat you should be eating at one meal!

At your local sandwich shop: Don’t polish off that turkey sub or chocolate chip cookie from the deli or a similar take-out place. According to 2003 research, it’s likely two to eight times bigger than the USDA recommended serving size.

At a barbecue: People who took food from large bowls at a party ate 56 percent more calories than those who served themselves from medium size ones, according to a study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association. The reason? Researchers think that the bigger bowl may give you a subtle cue about how much to eat.