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Achieve weight loss with a 12-week plan that focuses on eating real, wholesome foods, plus healthy recipes and easy workouts.

Reality Checked Diet: Week 4 Mid-Week Motivator

Stay on track of your diet by paying better attention to each bite you eat.

woman eating cereal

Congrats, one month down! Way to go!

This week’s challenge is to pay better attention to each bite (rather than inhaling what’s in front of you—which really isn’t that satisfying!). Once you’ve tried out this week’s mindful eating tips, head to the Web to tell us which ones worked best for you and why.

To do so you can share your thoughts on our Facebook page. Not on Facebook? No problem! You also can email them to us at (and we’ll post our favorites on Facebook).

No matter where you comment, we’d love to hear how you’re doing with this week’s challenge.

Here’s to a healthier you,
The ALL YOU Team