The Best At-Home Workout DVDs

Let's be honest—everyone wants to get fitter in the new year. These All You reader-approved DVDs can help make it happen. Just push play, then get moving!

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  • THE FAT BURNER: Leslie Sansone: Walk Off Fat Fast ($15;​
    • LEVEL: Beginner
    • BEST FOR: Walking enthusiasts as well as those who don't like to be bogged down with complicated footwork.
    • HOW IT WORKS: Choose whether you want a 20-, 30- or 40-minute workout, then march, kick and sidestep your way to a pace that can help you melt fat. You'll break a sweat, but Leslie leads the class in an encouraging way so no one feels left behind. "The moves are so simple, yet they give you such a good cardio workout. Leslie helps you stay motivated to get through it, as does the upbeat music." --Irisel Lee, 34, Clarksville, Tenn.


  • THE SPOT TONER: Weight Watchers 10-Minute Belly, Butt and Thigh Tone Ups ($15; ​
    • LEVEL: Intermediate
    • BEST FOR: People with limited time who want to focus on specific body zones.
    • HOW IT WORKS: Mix and match workouts by choosing from one of six 10-minute routines. If you do core and butt one day (and feel sore), the next day you can switch and do upper-body and thigh moves. "I have a previous injury that affected my range of motion, so I liked how the DVD includes modified versions of the exercises—which let me still get a good workout in." --Carmen Lamont, 44, Elizabethtown, Ky.


  • THE FUN FIRMER: Element: Belly Dance​ ($15 on
    • LEVEL: Advanced
    • ​BEST FOR: Fans of Zumba-style workouts—people who like to groove and shake to a good beat.
    • HOW IT WORKS: This energizing, total body workout really hits your core (without the crunches!). You get three different belly dancing routines: one that focuses on the basics, another for firming and toning and a third to build strength and stamina. "The belly roll was a little hard for me to get down at first, with a little practice, I was able to figure it out. And the instructor had such a positive energy—I loved it." --Sarah Overshiner, 22 College Station Texas


  • THE BODY AND MIND STRENGTHENER: Rodney Yee's Complete Yoga for Beginners ($15;
    • LEVEL: Intermediate
    • BEST FOR: Anyone who is curious about yoga and looking for a way to ease into it. Also ideal for folks who want a way to unwind.
    • HOW IT WORKS: Teacher Rodney Yee guides you through this introduction to yoga in his soothing, instructive tone. The DVD provides you with four routines, including yoga for relaxation. "I love that if I just wanted to use it for unwinding, I had that option, but if I wanted to do strength-training moves, I could do that, too." --Allison Hall, 30, San Diego