New Year, New You

Feel your best and meet all of your health goals -- for real -- this year!

Easy Ways to Increase Your Energy

Follow these tips to get a better night's sleep and boost your energy during the day.

focus on your body to fight fatigue


Keep moving: Your body was built for motion. The more active you are, the more you keep your blood flowing, your heart pumping and your joints and muscles from locking, which can cause you to feel stiff and sore. Try sneaking in some heel raises (lift up onto your toes, then lower onto your heels) when you're in line at the store, talking on the phone or making dinner. Swing your arms a bit more when you walk. Or do some shoulder rolls while at a stoplight in your car or watching television. Each action will only take about 1 minute. 

Stand tall: Slouching exacerbates your back's natural curves, forcing your muscles to work harder—which might contribute to fatigue. Better posture can do more than simply improve your appearance; it also can give you a significant energy boost. Whether you're sitting still or standing, keep your back straight, head forward and shoulders down in order to reap the revitalizing rewards. If you're sitting at a computer, write the word posture on a sticky note and post it as a reminder.

Take a deep breath: Don't forget: Simply slowing down and noticing your breath is one of the quickest ways to recharge. Inhaling fully gives your body the oxygen it needs to supply all your cells with energy. The exercise below will not only boost your oxygen intake, it also provides a gentle stretch, which gets your blood flowing and helps relax you. Try this simple exercise: exhale completely out of your nose (or mouth, if congested), then inhale a deep, full breath, feeling your belly fully expand, as you slowly lift your arms overhead (keep your shoulders soft as you do so). Exhale from your nose again as you slowly release your arms back down to your sides. Repeat three to five times. The entire routine should only take about 2 minutes.