Pack a Healthy Sports Camp Lunch

Young athletes expend a ton of energy at sports camp every day. Make sure you’re providing them with the fuel they need to give 110%. 

sports camp lunch

Pack your little athletes the right lunch to keep them healthy, full of energy, and ready to run, play and have fun with their nutritional needs in mind. For more tips on what to send in their lunchboxes, check out our guide to packing the perfect day camp lunch.

Pack plenty of carbs.
Carbs are essential to giving kids the energy they need to stay at the top of their game. Their diets should be high in carbohydrates while they’re at camp, so pack a sandwich made on whole-grain bread for lunch and plenty of sliced fruits and vegetables to snack on between meals.

Don’t overdo it on protein.
Don’t worry about slipping a protein bar into your child’s lunchbox. While protein is essential for muscle growth, a moderate-protein diet is plenty to keep younger athletes in tip-top shape. Pack their usual ham and cheese or PB&J (on whole-grain bread!) and they’ll be good to go for the whole day.

Keep them hydrated.
Send along plenty of water—either in the form of a refillable water bottle or a few partially frozen water bottles that will stay cool throughout the day.  If they’ll be exercising for more than an hour, make sure they’re replacing their electrolytes, too.  Sports drinks are designed to replenish electrolytes lost during a long workout, but if you’re not a fan of the added sugar, coconut water will also do the trick.

Cool them down.
Kids are more susceptible to heat stroke, so if your athlete is spending most of the day outside, remember to pack items that will cool them down. Frozen water bottles will melt as the day goes on, allowing for a constant supply of icy cold water throughout the day. For a special treat, toss a bag of frozen grapes or a frozen banana into their lunchbox- not only are they delicious, they’ll give her the extra boost she needs to pick up after lunch.