Don’t blow your diet at the mall

‘Tis the season for shopping…and packing on the pounds. Follow these tips to survive the mall food court

Taco Bell

An all-day shopping marathon can burn substantial calories. But you may put off eating, get too hungry and blow your diet when you finally stop at the food court. Play it safe by sticking to these healthy selections.

Meals (fewer than 400 calories):

  • Taco Bell Fresco Style Chicken Ranchero Taco and a side of Pintos 'n Cheese
  • Chick-fil-A Hearty Breast of Chicken soup (small) and carrot and raisin salad (small)
  • Subway Bourbon Chicken sub (6 inches)
  • Burger King Tendergrill Garden Chicken Salad with light Italian dressing

Snacks (170 calories or fewer):

  • Häagen-Dazs raspberry sorbet (one small or kid-size scoop)
  • McDonald's fruit and yogurt parfait (no granola)
  • McDonald's vanilla reduced-fat ice cream cone
  • Starbucks tall Caffè Mocha made with nonfat milk (no whipped cream)

During a three-hour shopping trip (two hours of shopping, one hour of waiting in line) you could burn 575 calories. That's enough to work off two chicken soft tacos and a tall nonfat Caffè Mocha.