How 4 Women Went from Prediabetes to No Diabetes!

Get inspired by four women who turned their lives around with only a few key moves.

sedentary lifestyle diabetes prediabetes

'I got moving and got healthy'

  • Name: Shannon Woodhouse, 41
  • Residence: Wilson, N.C.
  • Risk Factor: Sedentary lifestyle
  • Biggest temptation: cake
  • Highest A1C: 6.1
  • Lost: 34 pounds (From 211 to 177 lbs. in 6 months)

"I learned I was prediabetic seven years ago, during my annual lab work. At the time I was 20 pounds overweight and in a job where I didn't move all day. I started taking a drug to treat high blood sugar but didn't make any lifestyle changes, so over the years my weight continued to rise. In December, I was 50 pounds heavier, with even higher blood sugar levels. My doctor warned if I didn't make changes, I'd have type 2 diabetes."

Think Before You Drink
"My first step: I gave up soda for Lent. I knew it was one of the worst offenders when it comes to hiking glucose levels quickly. After I did that, I had the confidence to cut more foods, like pasta. I still watched with longing as my husband ordered Texas toast when we dined out, but I was able to find healthy meals on the menu (one favorite: steak tips, grilled onions and a salad), so I made peace with it. I also keep active by playing with my 4-year-old daughter."

Cause And Effect
"After a month, my cravings subsided. Now my fasting blood sugar levels are normal. Sure, it's still a challenge to make smart choices, but I no longer feel powerless."

Her Tip
"Eating right and exercising need to be lifetime commitments. Slack off and you'll end up right back where you started."