7 Apps and Tools That Make Managing Diabetes Easy

Manage your diabetes more easily with these 3 monitoring apps and four options for (almost) pain-free alternatives to traditional insulin injections. 

tools for diabetes

Stay on track by downloading these tools to your smartphone.

Glucose Buddy (free, iOS, Android) helps you keep a log of blood glucose levels, insulin doses, carbohydrate intake, activities and more. It also can give you constant reminders to take your medication.

Diabetic Connect (free, iOS) lets you keep in touch with the largest community of diabetes patients on the Web. It's a great way to share tips and get support.

Glucool Diabetes ($5, Android) lets you to customize your diabetes management. Type in data, such as blood glucose, insulin doses, exercise and carb intake, and the app creates personalized charts and graphs to help you spot trends.

(Almost) ouch-less alternatives for insulin injections

If you think keeping diabetes under control means jabbing yourself with a painful needle every day, know this: Managing the disease is easier than ever, thanks to the latest treatments. In addition to oral medications and lifestyle changes, your options might include:

INSULIN PENS This convenient, easy-to-use way of injecting insulin uses a superfine needle and is less painful than standard needles or syringes. Most insurers cover them.

INSULIN PUMPS Attached to the body, these small devices are programmed to release insulin. Many insurance companies cover them, but because they can cost thousands of dollars, your provider might require that you meet certain qualifications.

INHALABLE INSULIN Housed in a tiny device, similar to the ones used by people with asthma, this fast-acting insulin (Afrezza) is designed to be used at mealtimes.

CONTINUOUS GLUCOSE MONITORING A small sensor, inserted under the skin, measures glucose levels 24/7 and sends the measurements to a little monitor, which you may be able to fit in your pocket or attach to your waistband.