How to Avoid Weight Gain at Work

Step away from the free cookies and make small changes that matter.

Look thinner instantly

When you sit at a desk all day, it’s easy to feel like you’re neglecting your body. These ideas fight the pounds from creeping on, and are simple enough to fit  them into your busy schedule.

  • Use correct posture at your desk: Your mom was right: There's a lot to be said for standing up straight. For starters, it makes you appear taller and more slender. It also can reduce friction in your joints and take stress off your spine. Correct posture not only strengthens muscles, it also boosts circulation and helps digestion.
  • Bring your lunch: Not only is it cheaper, but bringing food from home helps you maintain a healthy diet. You’re less likely to indulge and it’s easier to maintain portion control.
  • Take a walk: Looking to burn calories and build muscle? It's as easy as slipping on your sneakers during lunch and going for a walk. Follow our fitness plan, which comes with a new move each week to blast fat, build strength, and beat boredom.
  • Brush your teeth:  Did you know keepingKeeping up with your dental hygiene actually helps you avoid weight gain? . When you brush your teeth, your body is sending your brain a signal that eating is over. Also, once your mouth feels minty-fresh, food and drink won’t be as palatable, so you're more likely to skip it.
  • Snack all day: People who have the most success with long-term weight loss eat three meals and one or two planned snacks each day. The goal is to have two healthy and planned snacks 150 calories each every day.