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3-Week Walking Plan

Learn how to burn more calories when you walk by adding intervals and aerobic moves in this 3-week plan

3- Week Walking Plan

Week 1: Squeeze In More Steps
Time per walk: 25 to 40 minutes
Walks this week: 4

Your goal this week is to get going. Start by increasing your step count. Every 5 minutes that you walk at a brisk pace (15 to 17 minutes per mile) translates to 500 more steps, or 21 to 28 more calories burned, than you achieve at a slower pace. Moving more also improves your aerobic conditioning, so you'll be ready for the workout's later challenges. Your pace is brisk if you speak fairly easily but are slightly breathless. (On a scale of 1 to 10, your effort should be a 5 or 6.)

Add 5 more minutes: If you normally walk for 20 minutes, aim for 25 on your first walk. By your final workout this week, you should be up to 40.

Add a quarter mile: Walk on a track or in another area where you can tell how far you've gone (you can also check your route's mile-age at Increase your distance with each workout. At week's end, you should have added a whole mile.