5 Ways to Burn More Calories During a Walking Workout

Use these tips to increase your calorie burn and get in even better shape.

Woman walking with Nordic poles

Use walking poles. These cross-country skiing-inspired poles (also known as Nordic poles) will help you burn about 20 percent more calories—while feeling like you're working less hard, as the poles propel you forward. You'll also firm and strengthen your core, arms and other upper-body muscles. Ones to try: Exerstrider Prevention Project Pink OS2 ($90; walkingpoles.com), REI Traverse Shocklight Women's Trekking Poles ($90; rei.com), Black Diamond Trail Back Trekking Poles ($45; ems.com).

Speed up. Walking faster helps you burn 350 calories (or more!) per hour, compared to 250 at a more leisurely pace.

Add hills. Climb a hill or stairs and you'll burn 20 to 70 percent more calories, depending on how steep the climb and how fast you go. The key is to try to maintain your pace—if the hill is so tough that you significantly slow down, you won't get the extra calorie-burning benefits.

Strap on a pedometer. For every 2,000 steps you add to your day, you'll zap about 100 more calories. Pick a pedometer that also logs your "aerobic," or brisk, steps and you'll be motivated to pick up the pace (and turn up the burn!). Check out our favorite budget-friendly pedometers, or shop at New Lifestyles or Sports Authority.

Wear a weighted vest. One plus of packing a few extra pounds: You'll work harder, and burn more calories, covering the same distance. Weighted vests let you carry 2 to 20 added pounds, upping your calorie burn. Just get your doctor's OK before you use one. Try the Empower 8-Pound Weighted Walking Vest ($40; sportsauthority.com).