Use Nordic walking poles

Adding two little poles to your walk may not look like much, but it can increase your calorie burn by 46 percent

nordic poles

Not only will a pair of poles allow you to you get more bang for your calorie-burning buck, but you'll also tone your arms and abs. That’s because planting a set of Nordic poles into the ground with your every step recruits the muscles in your upper body. Worried about how people will look at you when you walk with poles? Think strength in numbers and grab a friend! You'll slim down and catch up on the latest gossip.

Take these three simple steps to become a pole-walking pro

Drag the poles: Slip your hands into the straps at the top of the poles and begin walking, moving opposite arm with opposite leg and letting the poles drag behind you. Notice how the poles naturally fall at a 45 degree angle.

Plant the poles: Take hold of the grips lightly and keeping the poles angled where they naturally fall (about 45 degrees), place them firmly into the ground for a brief second brief second. Be sure to keep your arms close to your body.

Push the poles: Once you feel comfortable planting the poles, use a little more force and push them behind you into the ground. Aim to move your arm behind you, past your hip before releasing the pole. Then as your arm swings forward, reach forward (as if you were reaching out to shake someone’s hand), keeping your arm relatively straight.