Walking Workout Do's and Don’ts

When you use proper form and technique, you’ll work more muscles and reduce your risk of injury.

walking workout tips

Yes, you've been walking since, well, forever. But there are things you'll want to keep in mind before starting a full-on walking workout routine.

DO wear a pair of supportive shoes
Make sure your walking shoes are well cushioned, lightweight and flexible.

DON'T make your steps too big
Start off with a natural stride. When you feel ready to speed up, take smaller, not larger, steps. Smaller steps will actually help you walk at a faster pace and burn more calories.

DO roll your foot from heel to toe
Focusing on how you take each step can help you build momentum. Put your heel down first, roll through the rest of your foot and push off from your toes.

DO pump your arms
Bend your elbows and drive them straight back alongside your body; avoid moving your arms side-to-side across your chest.

DON'T get too ambitious
Trying to walk seven miles right off the get-go can result in injuries like shin splints.

DO hydrate
Consider holding on to a water bottle, or stopping at fountains in your local park frequently.