Walk with a weighted vest

Make a wardrobe change and burn 50 percent more calories

weighted vest

Weighted vests comes with small weights that you load into pockets around the midsection of the vest. Once it’s loaded and on, you just walk as you normally would; the vest takes care of everything else. In fact, you might hardly notice the extra weight you’re carrying around when you wear the vest, but the added heft will tone your legs, boost bone density and burn extra calories while you’re walking. And we’re willing to bet that even if you don’t notice the extra pounds you’re wearing, you’ll certainly notice when you lose extra pounds underneath the ensemble!


Follow these tips to get the most out of your weighted vest:

Be balanced: To prevent injury, place the weights evenly around your midsection.

Start small: If you're a new walker, try two pounds in your vest. More advanced walkers can start with four pounds.

Build slowly: Gradually increase the weight. If two or four pounds feels too easy, move up by two pounds at a time.