Online Learning Tools to Help Your Child Succeed

Before you fork over any cash for tutors, try these free educational aids.

Online learning tools that don’t cost a dime

From pricey classes to expensive tutors, helping your child to get ahead in school can add up. Luckily, the Web is chock full of free educational sites that help your kids learn, through quizzes, games and more.

Quiz your kids online: Some of the most effective online learning sites use a quiz format, allowing your child to interact with the material.

Get homework help: From kid-friendly encyclopedias like FactMonster to online videos about math, helping with homework just got easier.

Get gaming: Online games will keep your child entertained enough to forget she’s practicing multiplication.

Move away from the screen: Eyes getting bleary from educational shows and games? Many sites offer thousands of free worksheets to help your child with his or her classes – all you have to do is click and print.