Fun (and free) things to do with kids

Finding affordable fun activities for kids can be challenging. Try one of these low-cost ideas to keep them entertained.

fun things to do with kids

Conjure up activites with everyday essentials that are so entertaining, no one will feel deprived:

  • Shovel and dirt: Let kids dig a little and run through a sprinkler to rinse off.
  • Glittery castoffs: Raid your closet for giveaways so kids can play dress-up.
  • Shaving cream: Hide small toys in blobs of shaving cream; let kids find the treasures.
  • Plain old water: Paintbrushes and H2O can “redecorate” a fence or walkway.
  • Balloon: Stuck inside on a rainy day? Blow up a balloon for a game of indoor volleyball.