Play fun water games

Splash with your kids in the pool―no expensive toys required

Swimming family

Play in the swimming pool

Go on a Treasure Hunt. Toss coins in the pool; whoever brings up the most “treasure” in five minutes wins.

Try to catch a Butterfinger Ball. Slather a beach ball with sunscreen then toss it up in the air and see how long everyone in the pool can keep it out of the water.

Play catch. One person stands at the edge of the diving board. Just as they spring off, throw them a ball to try to catch in mid-air.

Have a laugh with Pop the Piranha. Toss a water balloon in the pool and encourage kids try to pop it while it’s wet. It’s nearly impossible!

Play in the kiddie pool

Name it. Call out the names of an animal or object―such as a mermaid, sailboat, frog or shark―and have kids act it out in the pool.

Be an underwater spy. Cut a circle out of the bottom of an empty half-gallon plastic milk carton and cover with a double sheet of plastic wrap, stretching it firmly across the opening and around the sides (hold in place with a rubber band). Throw some waterproof objects into the kiddie pool. Place the “lens” in the water so kids can peek into the opening of the milk carton to see the objects clearly.

Try a different approach. Instead of filling the baby pool with water, fill it with plastic balls for a homemade ball pit or dump in sand to turn it into a sandbox.