4 Tips to Help Your College Student Get Along With Their Roommate

Living with someone new can be awkward at first. Here are some ways to help your college freshman make the most of it. 

getting along with roommates

1. Pick up the phone. 
If your child is relying on her residence hall to match her up with someone, have her give the new roommate a call as soon as she gets her contact info. Sure, they can friend each other on Facebook or follow each other on Instagram, but it really is best to chat a bit, rather than forming any opinions based on the pictures she's posting on social media. 

2. Establish rules. 
During the first few days on campus, encourage your child to discuss her preferences in terms of study time, guests, music, TV, and when to turn the lights out. Talk everything out, including who will do what chores and whether you'll share food and snacks.

3. But be flexible, too. 
If her roommate absolutely has to catch that episode of The Voice and your child still needs to study, for example, suggest she take her books to the building's common room or the library.  

4. Communicate often. 
Recommend dealing with problems as they arise.

5. Remember: No one's forcing them to be BFFs. 
As long as your child and her new roommate respect each other's feelings, wishes and possessions, they'll get through the year just fine.