16 Ways to Have Fun for FREE

No need for an expensive vacation—these no-cost summer activities can be done right at home

Have fun for free
  1. Roll down a grassy hill with your kids. See who can get to the bottom first.
  2. Pack a picnic breakfast and take it outside in time to watch the sunrise.
  3. Move game night out to the deck or porch.
  4. Catch fireflies at dusk in an empty mason jar.
  5. Go for a walk with your kids and collect flowers and leaves to press.
  6. Lie outside on a blanket and try to decide what objects the clouds resemble.
  7. Teach your kids a game from your childhood―such as hopscotch, jacks or four-square.
  8. Raid your closet for giveaways so kids can play dress-up.
  9. Hide small toys in blobs of shaving cream; let kids find the treasures.
  10. Paintbrushes and H2O can “redecorate” a fence or walkway.
  11. Set plastic cups on a fence. Fill squirt guns and take aim.
  12. Spend a morning baking cookies and making fresh lemonade. Set up a stand and donate the proceeds.
  13. Decorate paper grocery bags with markers and paint to make masks, then chase one another in the yard.
  14. Hold Christmas in July. Decorate a small tree in the yard with ornaments, string up lights, bake Christmas cookies and enjoy the holiday on a summer’s eve.
  15. Open Camp Mom. Start an activity co-op. Each parent hosts a weekly activity (such as crafting, hiking or cooking) for the kids.
  16. Have kids cut out magazine photos of where they’d like to go and what they want to be when they grow up. Together, glue them into a book. Show them you’re never too old to dream by making one, too!