4 Workouts that Get the Entire Family Involved

Fun ways to spend quality time together while you sweat.

Dogs Provide More Heart-Boosting Benefits Than Other Pets

Given our jam-packed schedules, it can be tough to fit in a regular exercise routine. These ideas will make the most of your time together, getting fit and having fun as a team.

  • Playing fetch with Fido:  Dog owners get more exercise by walking and playing fetch than folks who have other pets (or not pets at all). Run in place or do side-to-side shuffles while you wait for Fido to return with his toy.
  • Take long walks: Find a fun walking trail, and keep up your pace up. In a recent study, brisk walkers saw twice the reduction in heart disease as runners when both groups burned the same number of calories while exercising. That means that if you walk you should exercise about twice as long as runners to get those benefits.
  • Skip like a kid again: Join your five -year- old as she skips down the sidewalk. Start by bouncing off of the balls of your feet, skipping straight ahead or slightly out to the left, then right (moving back and forth across path). Pump your arms and lift your knees for an invigorating effect.
  • Host your own Olympics: This is the best way to bond with your kids and get a little exercise to boot. Hold an Olympic-inspired event in your own backyard and invite your neighbors to join in on the fun. Read these inspiring ideas, divide into teams, then let the games begin.