5 Saturday Afternoon Activities for the Whole Family

Budget-friendly ways to spend some much-needed quality time together outside.

Girl in tent

Looking for an excuse to get the kids off the couch this weekend? These easy, practically free ideas will keep them active and entertained in your own backyard.

  • Build a tent: Not only is an outdoor tent a great place to read, eat lunch, and play, you likely have the supplies already around your home—plus there’s no sewing required. Follow our step-by-step instructions to get it done.
  • Plant an edible herb garden: Give kids a chance to get their hands dirty while learning how to garden. Get itthe garden started on a Saturday afternoon, and within a few weeks, the kids will be thrilled to see their hard work in bloom. We suggest starting with a basil plant so you can make fresh and yummy pizzas when the leaves are ready for plucking.
  • Pick wildflowers on a nature walk: Lead your kids outside to an area you can pick some beautiful blooms. Place them between two paper towels; close them up in a big book (like a dictionary) for a few weeks. Finish the project by gluing them onto construction paper to make cards and pictures.
  • Pull out the sprinkler: We’re convinced there’s nothing more fun than turning on the sprinkler for family Olympic events of tug of war, limbo, and ping pong.
  • Play glow-in-the-dark Frisbee: With this bright Frisbee, illuminated by LED fiber optics, the games can last long after the sun sets.