If You Like Pop Culture:

You should listen to: Killing Monica by Candace Bushnell, $19 on amazon.com

Fans of Sex in the City will get a kick out of fictional writer Pandy Wallis who writes highly successful novels that get turned into mega blockbuster movies. When Pandy wants to change up what she writes about, she faces heat from her fans, husband, and publisher. 


If You Want to Escape to a Beach (But You're Stuck at Work):

You should listen to: Silver Girl by Elin Hilderbrand, $18 on amazon.com

If you haven’t read one of Elin Hilderbrand’s idyllic novels set on Nantucket Island, this is a good one to start with. Meredith Martin Delinn’s husband cheated rich investors out of billions of dollars and has left her friend penniless. Meredith escapes to her old best friend's place in Nantucket, where friendships are tested. 


If You Like a Love Story:

You should listen to: Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave, $16 on amazon.com

Georgia Ford finds out her fiancée has been keeping big secrets from her so she flees to her family’s vineyard in Sonoma where family secrets start to unravel. 


If You Like a Coming of Age Story:

You should listen to: Middleplace by Kelly Corrigan, $30 for MP3 CD on amazon.com

Living in what she calls the Middle Place, "that sliver of time when parenthood and childhood overlap," Kelly finds herself tending to her adult duties and taking care of her parents when she finds a lump in her breast. 


If You Like a Classic:

You should listen to: Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, $2 on amazon.com

Considered one of Austen’s first completed novels but not published till after her death, this novel follows seventeen-year-old Gothic novel fan Catherine Morland and her family friends as they travel to Bath. Nineteenth-century English romantic hijinks ensue. 


If You Like a Biography:

You should listen to: Born with Teeth by Kate Mulgrew, $20 on amazon.com

Fans of Orange is the New Black will be moved to laughter and tears by actress Kate Mulgrew’s memoir of life growing up in an unconventional Irish Catholic household, leaving home for New York at 18, and giving up her daughter for adoption at 22. 


If You Want a History Lesson:

You should listen to: Hissing Cousins by Marc Peyser and Timothy Dwyer, $30 on amazon.com

Follow the competitive relationship of Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter Alice and her first cousin Eleanor through the years. This book chronicles both Eleanor’s time as the first lady and Alice’s marriage to philandering Republican congressman Nicholas Longworth. 


If You Like a Thriller:

You should listen to: The Well by Catherine Chanter, $21 on amazon.com

A drought has plagued modern-day Britain for three years, but for some reason it rains on Ruth Ardingly’s farm. After a murder happens at the farm, Ruth and her neighbors turn on each other, questioning what really happened at the Well.