Plan a Trip With Your Best Friends

Enjoy time together with your friends without breaking the bank on hotels, plane tickets and pricey activities. What you get: budget fun and close ties that, according to research, can help you live longer. Learn How to Negotiate a Cheaper Hotel Rate! »

spa trip with your best friends

If you have a whole day...plan a DIY wine-tasting tour

Good news: every single state has a wine region. Instead of signing up for a tasting tour, which can cost upwards of $100, it's easy to create your own discounted itinerary. Just line up a friend (or a game husband) to be your designated driver. Check tasting-room rates ahead of time—many cost less than $5 per person—and pack a picnic lunch the group can enjoy together.

If you have a weekend...sign up for a house rental

Booking a rental can snag you the best deal for your group. Try popular websites and You'll often find nicer digs than you would for a similar price on a hotel, and using the kitchen saves on meals. For the destination, consider an area just outside your intended locale—but still close—and you might see the price drop big time. 

If you have a long weekend… plan a girls’ getaway somewhere off-season

Sure, the ski slopes may not be the first place you think to go in March or April, but by heading there in the off-season, you’ll save a bundle and you won’t have to battle the crowds. Do a little research to make sure that there are still restaurants and stores open when you’re planning to go, then get ready to enjoy your favorite activities without all of the lines.