The Inn at Eagle Point Discussion Guide

Use this discussion guide at your next book club meeting as a starter for conversation.

The Inn at Eagle Point

1. When Megan O’Brien divorces Mick and leaves her children to settle in New York, how did you feel about her actions? Once it becomes clear that she wanted the children to be with her and had planned for that, did your opinion of Megan change? As a mother, how would you have handled the situation?

2. Have you ever known someone like Abby O’Brien Winters, an older sibling who feels responsible for younger brothers and sisters after a divorce or the death of a parent? Could you relate to Abby’s need to protect Jess and her other siblings?

3. When Abby rushes home to help Jess save The Inn at Eagle Point, did you agree with her decision? Or did you think that Jess should have dealt with the situation on her own? At what point should parents insist that children begin solving their own problems?

4. Jess’s financial problems with the inn reflect some of the same foreclosure issues being faced by many people today. Has this issue impacted anyone you know? Do you think the blame lies with banks and lending institutions or with individuals? Or do both share responsibility?

5. Have you known children or adults with ADD (attention deficit disorder) or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)? What impact did this have on their lives in school or in business? By the end of the book did you believe that Jess had found ways to focus so that she could run the inn successfully?

6. Abby’s twins get the measles because she chose not to innoculate them because of fears that vaccines may contribute to autism. Have you debated whether vaccinations are safe for your children? What did you decide to do?

7. Reconciliation is a theme in The Inn at Eagle Point and will continue to be a theme throughout the Chesapeake Shores series. Abby and Trace find their way back together, Mick and Megan begin mending fences, and the other O’Brien siblings will face their own issues with their mother. Have you ever had a difficult relationship or angry split with a family member or friend? Were you able to reconcile? How did you do it?