Last Kiss Discussion Guide

Use these discussion questions to get the conversation started at your next book club meeting.

Last Kiss

 1. Discuss the novel’s title. What worlds were opened by Nell’s bittersweet kisses with Charlie? What changes were marked by first and last love in the other characters’ lives? In yours? What gave Gavin the courage to reach out, and reclaim a connection to Sheridan? Did their shared history help or hurt their ability to feel safe with one another?

2. Discuss the role of the Rosslare women in Hubbard’s Point. How does their mystical Irish legacy play out? What are their greatest strengths and vulnerabilities?

3. How was Charlie affected by growing up without a father? In what ways did he complete Nell, whose mother died when she was very young?

4. At first, how did you interpret Nell's experiences in the cemetery? Was her hope so far-fetched?

5. What were your thoughts as Jack and Stevie debated marriage in chapter fourteen? What was at the heart of their debate?

6. How did your opinion of Jeff Easton Quill shift throughout the novel’s closing chapters? What motivated Randy’s actions, in New York and throughout the years leading up to that tragic night?

7. Ultimately, who is to blame for what happened to Charlie? What would constitute justice?

8. Does the new bonus chapter in the All You book club edition fulfill expectations you had for the characters?