3 Signs You Need a New OB

Having a baby is obviously a big deal. But what if you don't feel like your doctor is the right fit? Follow these tips to find the best obstetrician for you.

find the best ob for you

If you're pregnant and don't think your doctor is a good match, switching to a different health care provider is a necessary, though stressful, step. Here are signs you should find a better doctor.


1. Your Doctor Isn't Flexible About Your Birth Plan
For example, you want to try a drug-free birth, and your OB seems dismissive or jokes that you'll surely be begging for an epidural. Time to move on!


2. Your Doctor Seems Uninterested
If you feel more comfortable with a provider who has a nurturing personality but your doctor acts cold during your checkups, or if it feels like your OB isn't listening to you or isn't available for questions, seek out another.


3. The Office Feels Rushed—All Around 
A popular practice is going to be buzzing, but if you feel hurried out the door, booking your next appointment seems virtually impossible or wait times are getting out of hand, find an office that isn't as busy.