Banish pet hair

Try these tactics to keep dog and kitty hair off your clothes, couch and carpet

Banish pet hair

Wash your pet properly. It’s easy to grab your own shampoo when bathing your dog or cat, but using beauty products meant for humans on your pet might not yield pretty results. Unless a shampoo is specifically formulated for dogs or cats, it may dry out your pet’s skin, making it itchy and prone to shedding.

Serve wholesome food. A quality diet promotes healthy skin and coats, so talk with your veterinarian about a nutritious feeding regimen, which includes essential fatty acids for dogs. For example, the vet might recommend mixing supplements, including linseed or sunflower oil, into a pup’s food to help remedy dry skin.

Groom often. Brush pets daily to remove loose hair before it falls out on its own. If you’re short on time, you can use a deshedding tool like the FURminator ($35–$60; at PetSmart) once or twice a week. Unlike regular brushes, it tackles your pet’s undercoat.

Source: Nancy Peterson, issues specialist, the Humane Society of the United States