How to Earn Extra Cash as a Dog Sitter

Turn your love of pets into a money-making venture.

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1. Get started online and are two of the best-known sites for connecting dog owners with sitters. As with Facebook, you'll need to create a profile when joining. Be sure to express your passion for pooches, and post pet-friendly pictures.

2. Set your rate
You can charge what you like—up to a point (, for example, has a cap of $100 per night). The sites help you find out how much sitters in your area earn; in most cities, the average is about $30 per night. (Note: The websites get a 15 percent cut.)

3. Prepare for Rover
After your profile has been approved, you're ready to receive requests from owners who need someone to watch their dogs (at your home or theirs). Before accepting, you might want to set up a meet-and-greet to see if you and the pup are compatible.

4. Stay in touch
Keep your customer happy by sending her a picture or two during the pooch's stay. Action shots show your four-legged friend is getting exercise. Also, respond quickly if she contacts you with a question or just wants to check in. You might find a repeat client!

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