3 Supplements Your Pet Might Need

Does your cat or dog need a nutrition boost? Vets suggest considering these three supplements.

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If Your Pet Has A Lackluster Coat

Try: Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Maybe you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a dog or cat by its coat. A shiny one is a sign of good health, while dullness could signal the need for more nutrients. To improve your pet's coat and its health, look for foods with added omega-3s, vitamin E or both, such as lams Premium Protection Adult ($29 for 25 pounds of dog food; $11 for 4 lbs. of cat food; walmart.com). And if supplements are your choice, ask the veterinarian the right dosage for your size pet.


If Your Pet Has Joint Pain

Try: Glucosamine

Just like humans, animals get achy legs and hips as they age. To help counteract the discomfort, consider this supplement, which promotes healthy cartilage and often comes combined with chondroitin. Try giving GNC Pets Ultra Mega Hip and Joint Health beef soft chews for dogs ($30 for 60, about one month's worth; gnc.com) and Joint Chewys for cats ($13 for 60, about one month's worth; 1800petmeds.com). Be sure to treat your pets at the first indication of stiffness to help prevent arthritis, though glucosamine can be helpful at any stage of joint disease.


If Your Pet Has A Urinary Tract Infection

Try: Cranberry Extract

To determine if your cat or dog has a UTI, note if it passes only a little urine, or if it's bloody or cloudy (old animals and those with diabetes are more prone to the problem). If so, a veterinarian might suggest your pet take a supplement such as NaturVet Cranberry Relief powder ($19 for 50 grams; 1800petmeds.com) for a few weeks.