Steal tricks from a dog trainer

Andrea Arden, author of Dog-Friendly Dog Training, can help you stop behavioral problems before they start.

Steal tricks from a dog trainer

Trick #1: Set your dog up for success. For example, if you’re leaving for a short period of time, put your pup in a crate so he doesn’t destroy furniture or other items while you’re out.

Trick #2: Teach your dog that nothing in life is for free. Give your pup what it wants in exchange for good behavior. Keep most of its toys out of sight; let it have one when it sits on command.

Trick #3: Repeat your pet’s name. Anytime you’re about to give your dog something it likes, such as a treat, say, “Max, come.” Soon your pup will associate his name with a reward and come when called.

Trick #4: Keep it busy. Bored dogs can cause trouble, so occupy yours. Try a Dogzilla toy ($10-16;―it bounces erratically so your pet must anticipate where it will go next.