Get Fit With Fido (and Kitty)!

Playing with your pet can be good for you.

exercise with your pet


Put A Fresh Twist On 'Go Fetch' 

While your dog retrieves the ball you tossed, challenge yourself to do as many sit-ups or push-ups as possible. Keep going until one of you starts panting.

Monitor Your Movements 

Did you know that people who wear a step counter increase their activity by 27 percent? Clip on a pedometer such as the Sportline Tracker ($15;, or use an app, like MapMyWalk (free, Android, Apple) when walking together.

Enlist A Walking Buddy 

"I walk with my dog, Bella, and a few girlfriends six days a week. While I have lost weight, Bella has gained strength. And if my friends need to take a day off, I know I can rely on Bella to nudge me to get off my backside and out the door." - Melissa Dunn, 48, Monticello, Ill.



Do Zumba With A Laser Pointer 

Burn about 150 calories in 20 minutes exercising to a Zumba DVD, and your cat will love "hunting" the light you're shining as you dance. Just reward her with a treat during cooldown.

Run Around With A Toy

The mouse pictured on the Oré Originals Pounce toy ($10; looks so real it's sure to get your cat off the couch.

Go For A Stroll Together (Seriously!) 

"I like to take our year-old cat for walks on a harness, as well as bring her to my son's baseball games. Everyone always stops us because they think it's unusual, but she loves going outside and looking at all the birds." - Laura Ewers, 27, Peoria, Ill.


Sources: Sharon Wirant, ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Behavior Services manager and certified applied animal behaviorist; Journal of the American Medical Association