Pick a great family dog

When adopting or buying a new animal, be sure the breed fits your lifestyle.

A great family dog

If you…have kids under age 5:
A good breed may be…A Labrador retriever or a boxer because these dogs are usually friendly and not aggressive.

If you…have kids older than age 5:
A good breed may be…A Cocker spaniel or an Irish setter. Older kids can help care for active sporting dogs like these.

If you…live in an apartment:
A good breed may be…A Cavalier King Charles spaniel or a Pomeranian. Toy dogs like to be near their owner, so tight spaces are OK.

If you…have family members with allergies:
A good breed may be…A Poodle or a schnauzer because their coats don’t shed.

If you…live a busy life and want a low-maintenance dog:
A good breed may be…A bulldog or a basset hound. They have shorter legs, so they tend to be less active.

If you…have a lot of outdoor space:
A good breed may be…An Australian shepherd or a border collie. Dogs in the herding group like to run.

Source: Lisa Peterson, director of club communications for the American Kennel Club