How to Fend Off Fleas for Good!

There’s no doubt about it—fleas bite! So try one of the latest products to keep pets from scratching all season long.

dog has fleas

For: Pups that react to meds
Try: NexGard Chewables

Does your pooch run at the sight of anything medicinal—or have skin sensitivities to topical gels or liquids? Consider giving these beef-flavored chews, which kill fleas and the American dog tick (but not others); it’s the only chew out there that can kill both.
Bonus: Your furniture and hands won’t get sticky if you touch your dog—which can happen with some treatments.


For: Outdoorsy dogs and cats
Try: Activyl
If your pets love roaming outside, they’re probably in contact with flea hot spots such as backyard plantings. But this solution (for dogs and cats) kills adult fleas and stops larvae from developing. It’s also quick-drying, fragrance-free and effective even after a bath.
Bonus: For extra protection, Activyl Tick Plus for dogs repels and kills ticks in addition to controlling fleas.


For: Protection from parasites, too
Try: Trifexis

Live in a warm, humid climate where mosquitoes thrive, such as Florida or Louisiana? Heartworm disease (transmitted by mosquitoes) could be a real threat for your dog, though pups living in any U.S. location can get it. The solution: a flea medication that also prevents heartworm, hookworm, roundworm and whipworm.
Bonus: It’s fast-acting, killing fleas as soon as 30 minutes after your pup swallows the pill.


For: Pooches with forgetful owners
Try: Scalibor

This cutting-edge flea-and-tick collar works as well as topicals and oral medications. Plus, you can put one on your dog and then forget about treatment for a while. The collar lasts up to six months, five months longer than most flea products. It’s ideal if you have trouble keeping track of monthly meds.
Bonus: It repels mosquitoes for up to six months.