Protect your pet from Lyme disease

Keep your pet safe―check its skin and fur for ticks after it has been outside, especially if you live in a woodsy area where the bugs thrive.

Protect your pet from Lyme disease

Ticks are a big threat to pets―they can carry Lyme disease. If they transmit the illness to your animal, they could suffer flu-like symptoms, joint damage and heart and kidney problems. If you find one of these bugs on your cat or dog, remove it immediately by following these steps:

1. Use a pair of fine-tipped tweezers so you don't have to touch the tick with your hands (it could carry diseases).

2. Grab the tick with the tweezers where it has entered the skin (near its head or mouth).

3. Pull out the tick firmly. Do not twist the tick as you are pulling.

4. Put the tick in a jar of alcohol―this will kill it.

5. Clean the animal's wound with a disinfectant.

6. Wash your hands thoroughly.