How to Practice Proper Petiquette

Learn how to display good breeding in sticky situations.

dog behavior proper pet behavior etiquette

On walks: Your dog always wants to jump up and lick people.
Proper petiquette: Even if your pup is perfectly friendly, this behavior can be scary for those on the receiving end. It’s important to show respect for your neighbors and work with your dog to tone down his habits.


Table manners: You’re having a dinner party and your pet wants to join.
Proper petiquette: Unless your guests are big-time dog or cat lovers, few things could be less appetizing for them than an animal bellying up to the table. Keep your pet comfortable in another room during the meal.


Shopping around: You’re unsure if it’s OK to bring your pup into a store.
Proper petiquette: Before you enter, pop your head inside and ask, “Are you pet-friendly? Is it all right if we come in?” That can avoid awkward confrontations. Note: most food establishments are pet-free zones.


Overnight guests: They’ve asked to stay, but they may not like pets.
Proper petiquette: Let the inquiring guests know that you’d love to have them visit, but you do have a pet. If they’re comfortable with that, great! If not, politely encourage them to explore other housing arrangements.